7 Divorce Mistakes That Can Cost You Time, Money & Stress (Pt. 2)

Continuing from 7 Divorce Mistakes that Can Cost You Time, Money & Stress (Pt. 1), here, more things to avoid doing during a divorce will be revealed.

Divorce Mistakes: Here’s What Else You Should Try to Avoid Doing

3 – Hiding Marital Assets.

Hiding marital assets is one of the more dangerous divorce mistakes people can make because it can end up:

  • Prolonging the duration of divorce.
  • Increasing the financial costs of divorce.
  • Leading to final divorce settlements or decrees being thrown out.
  • Leading to criminal fraud (or other) charges being filed (in the most serious cases).

So, if you are really mad or embittered at your ex and the thought of hiding assets is enticing, avoid this temptation at all costs. This divorce mistake can – and usually does – backfire big time for those who make it.

If, however, you suspect your ex may be hiding assets in your divorce, be sure to express these concerns to an experienced divorce lawyer who can help you get to the bottom of whether this is happening (and, if it is, help you hold your ex accountable for hiding assets in your divorce).

4 – Refusing to Compromise.

Your divorce case is your time to fight for what you want in terms of property division, support payment obligations, child custody, and any other primary issues in your case. While there may be a lot that you want out of your divorce – and while you may certainly be entitled to most (or maybe even all) of your requests, it’s also critical that you maintain a relatively open mind and be willing to compromise on at least some of the issues in your divorce.

This is because, in general, a willingness to compromise can:

  • Spark a willingness to compromise in your ex.
  • Can make for a far smoother (and cheaper) divorce process.

So, think about what issues are more versus less important to you in your divorce. Knowing upfront what you may be more willing to compromise on can help you figure out where to focus you efforts as you prepare for your divorce.

You can get a few more tips regarding divorce mistakes to avoid in the upcoming conclusion to this blog series. Be sure to check it out!

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