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6 Prenup Myths Debunked (Pt. 3)

Posted By Legal Team | March 13 2017 | Prenups & Postnups

Ending our series 6 Prenup Myths Debunked, this blog explores a few more prevalent misconceptions about prenuptial agreements will be dispelled.

Uncovering the Truth Behind More Prenup Myths

Myth 5 – Bringing Up a Prenup Will Hurt My Relationship.

FACT – No! Although you may feel as though discussing a prenup may be awkward or uncomfortable, these discussions can bring up important financial issues that may need to be addressed prior to getting married. As these matters come up, you and your partner can:

  • Clarify your expectations about these financial issues and/or obligations.
  • Set up some guidelines for various financial responsibilities moving forward.

This, in turn, can help you and your future spouse set up a solid foundation of mutual understanding. Here, it’s also crucial to note that NOT having a prenup can result in far more awkward and possibly embittered discussions later, particularly if:

  • You and your partner end up having vastly different expectations about marital financial responsibilities.
  • The marriage ends and finances become a matter discussed in court.

Myth 6 – I Don’t Need a Lawyer to Help Me Develop a Prenup.

FACT – Wrong again! While there are various online services that promise to help you draft prenups quickly, these agreements may not cover all of the necessary issues pertaining to your situation. Additionally, they may fail to properly address the issues that you need covered, leaving out important details, etc.
So, if you are serious about putting some effective protections in place before getting marriage and you want your prenup to hold up later, it’s strongly advised that you work with an experienced attorney.

Scottsdale Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Karen A. Schoenau

Do you need help developing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement? Or is a prenup going to be an issue in your upcoming divorce? If so, you can turn to trusted Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen Schoenau for honest answers and experienced help. For nearly 30 years, Karen Schoenau has been dedicated to providing her clients with effective representation to help them resolve their important family law matters, including complex divorce cases.
Known for providing the highest-quality legal services at reasonable rates, Scottsdale Divorce and Family Law Attorney Karen Schoenau will always:

  • Work closely with each of her clients to help them understand their best options for resolving their family law issues.
  • Keep her clients informed about the progress of their case.
  • Help her clients get through the emotional and psychological impacts related to their family legal issues.
  • Aggressively advocate her clients’ best interests in any legal setting.
  • Work diligently and relentlessly to help her clients bring their cases to successful resolutions.

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