6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce (Pt. 3)

Here is the conclusion to our blog series 6 Facts to Know About Hidden Assets in Divorce.

Hidden Assets in Divorce: More Important Info

Fact 5 – The Consequences of Hiding Assets in Divorce Can Be Costly and Damaging.

And, these consequences will vary from case to case, depending on the nature of assets concealed, the methods used to conceal them and various other factors. Just some of the various types of penalties that can be imposed when it’s known that people have tried to hide assets in their divorce include:

  • Having to pay the other side’s expenses and attorney’s fees.
  • Losing ground in the divorce case.
  • Losing part or any claim to the assets that have been hidden, as it’s not uncommon for judges to award all of the hidden assets in divorce to the party from whom they were hidden.
  • Facing criminal perjury and/or fraud charges, the penalties of which can include additional fines, incarceration, and a criminal record.

So, the moral of the story here is that:

  • If you are thinking about keeping hidden assets in divorce to get back at your ex or advance your financial position after divorce, don’t do it – the costs can far outweigh any minor or ephemeral benefits.
  • If you think an ex is keeping hidden assets in divorce, talk to an attorney because there can be various ways to hold your ex accountable if (s)he’s violating the law and concealing property.

Fact 6 – When Hidden Assets in Your Divorce Is an Issue, You Can Turn to Attorney Karen Schoenau for Experienced Help.

Of all of the facts about hidden assets in divorce that we’ve discussed thus far, the most important one to remember is that you can rely on Attorney Karen Schoenau to help you:

  • Thoroughly investigate possible hidden assets in divorce.
  • Protect your rights and interests throughout divorce.
  • Obtain an equitable and favorable resolution to your divorce case.

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