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5 Tips for Reducing the Costs of Divorce in Arizona

Posted By Legal Team | July 31 2017 | Divorce

While divorce can take an emotional and psychological toll, it can also be financially taxing, as people adjust to living on a single income while potentially having additional costs (like child support or spousal support payments).
Although the financial costs of divorce will vary from case to case, below are some of the general ways people may be able to reduce these costs, setting themselves up for a bright financial future following divorce.

How to Cut the Costs of Arizona Divorce

  1. Close all joint lines of credit ASAP – If you share any lines of credit with your ex, make sure to close them as soon as you are ready to proceed with divorce. Leaving these credit lines open can give an embittered ex the opportunity to run up a lot of debt, and that could leave you with a mount of debt to have to repay following divorce, making the process far more expensive than it would have been otherwise.
  2. Do some of the initial legwork yourself – This can include gathering all of your important financial documents to develop a clear picture of what constitutes the marital versus separate property. It can also involve taking care of certain simple administrative tasks on your own, like making copies of your financial documents. Taking some time to do this work on your own can save you legal fees in the future while also helping to move your divorce case forward more quickly.
  3. Be willing to compromise on some issues – Although you may want to stick it to your ex in divorce, being open to compromise in the issues that may matter less to you can be integral to reducing the costs of divorce. That’s because, if you are willing to give on some issues, your ex may be willing to compromise on others – and that can lead to faster resolutions, speeding up the divorce process (and allowing you to get through it with less expense).
  4. Put anger and bitterness aside, focusing on the future, rather than the past – This tip goes hand-in-hand with the above one because, if you are focused on the future (rather than the past), it can be easier to let go of any anger or frustration you may have about divorce. And that can be critical to changing your frame of mind and helping you be more open to compromise.
  5. Be careful to choose the right attorney – Having an experienced lawyer represent you can be the key to protecting your interests in divorce – and to reducing your costs through the process. So, be sure to take some care when selecting a divorce lawyer, and look for an attorney – like Karen A. Schoenau – who has decades of experience successfully resolving divorce cases in Arizona.

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