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5 Tips for Dealing with the Emotional Distress of Divorce

Posted By Legal Team | April 23 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is notorious for being stressful. In fact, while the emotional distress of divorce can end up taking a big toll on adults, as well as children, it may also impact the outcome of the divorce, as stress can prevent people from thinking clearly and may cause them to do things that end up compromising their interests.
For instance, it’s not uncommon for the stress of divorce to spill over into custody battles, possibly leading to false allegations of domestic violence, an unwillingness to put children’s best interests first, etc.
To prevent significant stress from complicating a divorce case, here are some tips for dealing with this stress so you can get through divorce as favorably and efficiently as possible.

How to Overcome the Stress of Divorce

  1. Try to exercise often and regularly – Physical activity can help you work out some aggression, especially after a rough day in divorce court. So, try to work out or do something active regularly. Exercising often can help you stay fit and clear-minded; it may also provide the added physiological benefits associated with endorphins.
  2. Surround yourself with loved ones – Spending some more time with friends and family during a divorce can also be another way to deal with some of the intense stress that can come from this process. So, make a regular date or plan to spend time with the people you love. Their comfort and support can be invaluable during divorce.
  3. Do something new and stay social – Have you always wanted to take up some new hobby or activity? If so, divorce may be the time to do it. That’s because a new hobby can help take your mind off of your divorce while possibly even helping you make new friends or connections. This social outlet can be another bright aspect when darker days of divorce come around.
  4. Figure out how you can vent about your divorce when you need to – Sometimes, talking about the stress of divorce may be necessary to get through it, and knowing who you can trust and turn to when you need to vent is crucial. While friends and family members can be good listeners during these times, it may also be helpful to retain a therapist who may be able to provide some professional insight or guidance (if needed/helpful).
  5. Keep realistic expectations and know when to let go/move on – Ultimately, your expectations and willingness to move forward can also impact how much stress your divorce ends of creating for you. So, try to reign in these expectations and be willing to let go of certain things. Focusing on the future can be integral to putting your marriage and divorce behind you so you can start the next chapter of your life.

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