5 Reasons to Avoid Dating During Divorce (Pt. 2)

Picking up from 5 Reasons to Avoid Dating during Divorce (Pt. 1), here, we’ll continue revealing some of the most prominent reasons that dating during divorce can be problematic.

More Reasons to put off Dating Until After Divorce

3 – Spousal Maintenance Awards

Just as dating during divorce can impact child support awards, it may also end up impacting spousal maintenance awards. This is because any financial help a new partner provides to the divorcing party who is requesting spousal maintenance may end up:

  • Increasing their “income” in the eyes of the court.
  • Lowering the amount of maintenance they are awarded.
  • Preventing them from being awarded maintenance (if the financial help received is deemed to be substantial/sufficient enough).

What this can end up meaning is that a not-so-serious, new dating relationship could prevent you from getting the spousal maintenance to which you would have been entitled if you only were relying on your income following a divorce.

4 – A Partner’s Willingness to Compromise

While a divorce may start out civil enough, things can quickly turn ugly and contentious when one party starts dating someone new during the divorce process, embittering the other party. When this happens, the bitter party can become far less willing to be reasonable or compromising in the divorce negotiations. In turn, this can end up meaning that:

  • It takes far longer to resolve a divorce.
  • The emotional stresses and financial impacts of the process will intensify.

5 – The Cost of Your Divorce

Ultimately, one of the biggest concerns people have when it’s time to get through a divorce is what it’s going to cost them. While the details of your case will impact how much your divorce will cost, you should be aware that, in general, these costs will typically increase when:

  • Either party ends up trying to seek revenge through the divorce process (and this can often be the case when one party is made that their ex has started to date someone else).
  • The divorce ends up being drawn out way longer than it should be (which can be another repercussion of dating during divorce).

So, when you are focused on resolving your divorce as favorably and cost-efficiently as possible, it’s generally not a good idea to date during divorce.

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