5 Reasons to Avoid Dating During Divorce (Pt. 1)

When you have decided that it’s time to move forward with a divorce, you may have romantically and emotionally disconnected from your partner already, and you may even think that you are ready to start dating again.

Although dating during divorce can provide you with some companionship and maybe even some emotional support, there are some legal reasons that you may want to consider putting off dating until after divorce.

In this blog series, we will point out just some of the ways that dating during divorce can impact a divorce case. While the info herein is helpful, remember that you can turn to experienced Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Karen A. Schoenau for help successfully resolving a divorce case and any other family law issues.

Here’s Why You May Want to Put Off Dating Until After Divorce

Some of the reasons that dating during divorce can be problematic, from the point of view of your divorce case, can include that it may affect:

1 – Custody Determinations

If you are dating during divorce, just who you are dating and what type of contact this person may end up having with your child can become focal points of custody determinations in your divorce case. In fact, depending on the details of a case, this may even lead to:

  • A new partner getting scrutinized by your ex’s lawyers.
  • You losing ground in your custody case, particularly if the person you are dating has a criminal record, a history of addiction, or abuse or other issues.

So, if you are really serious about having as strong of a custody case as possible, you may want to reconsider dating during divorce.

2 – Child Support Awards

Child support awards will be based on nature of the custody split and the incomes of both parents. For parents who are dating during divorce, if they also are living with the person whom they are dating, this could factor into the household income considered – and it may lead to lower (or maybe no) child support awards; in contrast, had the parent been living alone, getting these payments or receiving higher awards may have been possible.

So, again, you may want to reconsider dating during divorce, as it could cost you greatly in long term.

Don’t miss the second part of this blog series for some more reasons that it can be wise to put off dating until after divorce.

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