4 Divorce Myths Dispelled

Misconceptions about divorce abound. In fact, the more such myths are perpetuated, the more likely they are to spread misinformation that can color people’s perceptions about – and possibly willingness to pursue – divorce. To dispel some of this misinformation, below, we’ll reveal the facts behind some of the most common divorce myths.

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The Facts Behind Divorce Myths

Myth: Half of All Marriages End in Divorce.

Fact: While this may have been true about 30 to 40 years ago, it is no longer the case, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In fact, this data indicates that, since 1970s, the divorce rate in the U.S. has dropped by more than 20 percent and that the actual American divorce rate is likely somewhere in the range of 33 to 41 percent.

Looking into this data a bit deeper reveals some more surprising and possibly unexpected trends about divorce, such as the finding that divorce rates among people with college degrees have been steadily dropping over the past two decades or so.

Myth: Subsequent Marriages Are More Likely to Succeed Than First Marriages.

Fact: This is simply not true, statistically speaking. In fact, research indicates that the divorce rate for second marriages is about 60 percent and that, for third marriages, the rate is more than 70 percent. While researchers have cited various reasons that subsequent marriages tend to end in divorce more often than first marriages, some of the more prominent explanations include that:

  • People may be less willing to work out issues in subsequent marriages, especially when they do not share children (i.e., “a family”) with a subsequent partner.
  • People may be less fearful of the divorce process because they’ve already been through it.

Myth: Getting Divorced Will Harm Your Children.

Fact: This, again, is not necessarily true. Although divorce can be very stressful for kids (and all parties involved in the divorce), it will not necessarily harm them or cause them to suffer permanent damage.

In fact, a divorce may end up being a positive thing for children, as it can help them get out of a contentious environment (i.e., one in which their parents are regularly fighting) and into one that is more peaceful and stable.

Here, it’s important to note, however, that children going through divorce will usually need some extra support and that counseling during these times can be very beneficial to kids’ and parents’ well-being as they go through this transition.

Myth: Divorce Means Failure.

Fact: Wrong again! The length or endurance of a marriage is not always the best indicator of success, as people can stay in bad marriages for decades and not feel like they have “won” or “succeeded.”

In fact, when it comes to divorce, the notion of “failure” should not enter the picture. Instead, it’s best to consider this as transition, as moving on to a healthier life and a brighter future. From this perspective, divorce can be freeing, allowing both parties to move on.

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