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3 Things That Can Expedite Your Divorce Case

Posted By Legal Team | July 16 2018 | Divorce

While divorce can be difficult, the process does not always have to be drawn out and/or adversarial. In fact, there may be some things you can do before and during divorce to facilitate the process, obtain favorable outcomes, and get on with your new life sooner. We’ll point out some of these things below.

Your Divorce May Proceed More Smoothly with…

  1. Some advanced planning – If you have the time and are able to, planning for divorce can be extremely helpful to facilitating a future case. This is because, with some planning, you may be able to get a clear picture of your marital estate/assets (and potentially an idea of how you prefer the division of marital property to go). You may also be able to start figuring out other potential issues in your divorce. Being able to pinpoint the issues and your stance on them, while even compiling essential documents (like financial documents, for instance), can be integral to a smooth divorce case moving forward.
  2. Compromise – Being willing to give on some issues in your divorce can go a long way to getting some of the more important things you want. In fact, when you are open to compromise, you can motivate your partner to be open to compromise, and this can make for a far smoother divorce – as well as better outcomes, as you and your partner will be in control of the final settlement (rather than having the court make decisions for you, which will occur if you and your partner cannot come to terms with any matter of your divorce case).
  3. A mindset toward the future – While divorce can drudge up the past, possibly triggering bitterness, anger, grief and other emotions that can complicate the process, focusing on the future and what is best for you (and your children) can help you set aside unproductive feelings and focus on the goals of your divorce. In fact, if you are able to maintain focus on the future, you can minimize the fighting with your ex and start laying the groundwork for a smoother divorce.

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