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Posted By DAM Firm | February 27 2017 | Divorce

Is Divorce More Difficult for Men or Women?

Divorce can be a challenge for anyone. Over recent years, however, some researchers have focused on answering the above question, based on analyzing the financial, physical, and emotional impacts that divorce can have on men versus women. And here are some of the more notable findings. Some Say Men… According to a study published by…

Posted By DAM Firm | February 20 2017 | Filing for Divorce

Should I File for Legal Separation or Divorce?

It depends on your marital situation, your needs and your goals for the future. Understanding some of the most common pros and cons of legal separation in Arizona can shed some more light on whether legally separating or filing for divorce may be a better option for you. Legal Separation in Arizona: The Benefits Some of…

Posted By DAM Firm | February 13 2017 | Child Custody

Do Moms Have Priority in Arizona Custody Disputes?

Mothers do not necessarily have preference over fathers in court when it’s time for the court to resolve disputes regarding parenting time with – and legal decision-making responsibility for – children. In fact, when parents cannot resolve custody issues, the Arizona family court will enter the picture to help resolve the dispute. And the court…

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