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Posted By Legal Team | January 10 2023 | Divorce & Taxes

How Can Wage Garnishment Be Stopped in Arizona?

Wage garnishment happens when someone who is owed money is permitted to collect that debt from a third party who holds assets that belong to the debtor. This means the money bypasses the debtor and goes directly to the creditor. In Arizona, wage garnishment can make it difficult for the debtor to make ends meet….

Posted By Legal Team | December 10 2022 | Firm News

What is Wage Garnishment?

A creditor who has not been paid may seek a money judgment against their debtor. Once it is awarded, the creditor can ask that the court garnish that person’s wages. Going forward, a percentage of their paycheck is given to the creditor until the debt is paid. The person’s employer is required to comply. Wage…

Posted By Legal Team | December 5 2022 | Firm News

Can A Court Make You Maintain Life Insurance For Your Ex-Spouse?

Life insurance is purchased for many different reasons. These might be used to bury a loved one, or a policy may be in place as a sort of financial inheritance for a loved one. Sometimes, they could be used to pay off debts held by the policyholder. Often life insurance policies benefit a spouse. This…

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