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Posted By Legal Team | August 28 2023 | Child Custody

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody in Arizona

A critical decision in divorce in Arizona is determining child custody. The goal of the courts is to provide what is best for a child by looking at both parents to decide whether they are fit to parent a child. A priority is never placed on one parent over the other in the court’s decision,…

Posted By Legal Team | August 12 2023 | Firm News

Paternity Testing and Establishment of Parental Rights in Arizona

Maintaining your rights as a parent is essential to your involvement in a child’s life. Establishing paternity will facilitate the right of a parent to participate in legal decisions that affect a child. And determining paternity can help to create parental time, fostering a relationship with a child.  Establishing Paternity in Arizona Paternity can be…

Posted By Legal Team | July 27 2023 | Child Support

Modifying Child Support Orders in Arizona

Arizona courts recognize that the lives of families change over time, and these transitional points will affect a child. The courts allow for existing child support orders to be modified or adjusted when a significant and continuing change of circumstances is present. This particular description is used to prevent unnecessary modification of orders. These significant…

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